Health and Fitness Articles From The Past Week

Below are some of the stand out articles from the past week. They range from the weight room, youth development, and coaching development. I hope you enjoy the wide selection this Sunday! 

6 Ways To Be A Better Coach Today - Mike Robertson 

This is a must read for any young coach, but also has merit for the coaches who have been in the trenches for quite some time, and are looking to shake things ups. One of Mike's points on "believing in your athletes" hit home for me. As a coach working with young kids, they need someone who will be there to guide and support them through their time in the weight room. It is often times a place that is completely foreign to them. Try and think of a time when you walked into a situation with zero prior experience. Terrifying as hell right? Well that is often what every young wide-eyed kid feels staring into the weight room. Mike hits the nail on the head with this point of "believing in your athletes." 

How β€œMovement Age” Impacts Program Design - Mike Reinold 

As coaches, we often examine someone based on their chronological age or training age. Mike Reinold goes beyond that, and looks at their ability to go through the standard movement patterns; hinge, squat, lunge, step, rotate, push, and pull. There comes a point when an individuals chronological or training age gets thrown out, and goes back to square one, if they cannot go through those patterns with some form of proficiency. 

Broken Windows and First Impressions: How Anything Means Everything - Adam Feit 

This piece uses a classic crime study, and applies it within the weight room. The general theme of the article is that details and integrity are paramount. I learned that while interning at a collegiate weight room that was spotless 24/7. This attention to detail will not only spread amongst your co workers, but also your athletes. If they walk into a spotless weight room, day in and day out, that will set the tone for their ACTUAL workout.  

Where the 'elite' kids shouldn't meet - Tim Keown 

Everyday now I hear about and see kids going to "Elite" camps at ages 10, 11, 12. By no means has anyone at that age come close to any shape or form of complete development to be given the title "Elite." It has become a very slippery slope that parents are falling down, but more importantly the kids. In an era of entitlement, shoving kids into these "Elite" camps will only perpetuate the myth that the world owes them everything. 

Biofeedback: Bogus or Brilliant? - Travis Pollen 

I've been hearing a lot about Biofeedback in regards to the major lifts, and this article breaks it down in an extremely simplistic manner. I have begun to use different forms of it in my own training, and it was great to read how Travis interprets how to go about utilizing it within your own training. 

Grow Like a New Lifter Again? - Greg Nuckols 

This is a BEAST of a read. Not for the average joe for sure. However, if you're sitting down, and have some time to kill it is a MUST read.