Health and Fitness Articles From The Past Week July 26th

Below are some excellent articles that go over olympic weightlifting programming fundamentals, coaching the power clean, power lifting wrist wraps, and post workout ice therapy. I hope you enjoy these great reads! 

4 Pillars of Weightlifting- Mike Nackoul

Mike Nackoul's theme of the article is finding the middle ground between over-complication and simplification of Weightlifting programs. He touches upon this by explaining the roots of successful programing by breaking down the fundamentals of Weightlifting into Exercise Selection/Variation, Training Load Management, Prehab/Rehab/Mobility, and Technique. 

7 Most Common Power Clean Technique Mistakes- Will Fleming 

Will Fleming's article from several years back details the issues most coaches and athletes run into with this complex movement. Fleming provides great material for people to fine tune their setups, and optimize their ability to execute the lift.  

Powerlifting Equipment 101: How to Use Wrist Wraps- Tony Bonvechio 

Tony Bonvechio explains the benefit of wrist wraps for lifters, and goes into detail about properly using them. Make no mistake, putting these wraps on correctly can have a huge impact on our lifts. At the beginning of every new season, the legendary Coach John Wooden, would teach his players how to properly put on their socks to prevent blisters. The details matter, and Tony does a great job outlining them.

You Got Guru’d: Postexercise Cold Water Immersion- Bret Contreras 

Bret Contreras touches upon a concept that many of us thought was beneficial for our recovery. We've all seen the top athletes taking ice bathes after intense workouts, but was that actually improving their recovery, or hindering their strength gains? Contreras goes over a recent study that showed that cold water immersion decreased strength adaptations.