Dan Hechler CSCS, XPS, Pn1

My name is Dan Hechler, and I am a Strength & Conditioning Coach and founder of Allostatic Athletics. The road that brought me into the Strength & Conditioning field was unexpected. I grew up as an athlete and bright student, however during high school I found myself going down a bad path that I knew deep down was going to ruin my relationship with my family and the people in my life I deeply cared about. A couple years out of high school at 20 years old I took a step back and examined my life, and hated what I had become. I knew I had to make a change and establish a new identity I could be proud of.

During high school I had the opportunity to work with a Strength & Conditioning program and was introduced to proper training. I brushed off those dusty skills I developed in the weight room and utilized them to begin to reshape my identity by building a solid foundation rooted in physical and mental improvement.

What first began as a tool to reshape my life soon lit a fire of passion for helping others. I began over the next several years working to sharpen my skills as a coach by training general population clients in the commercial sector, interning at a Division I Strength & Conditioning program, interning at a Private Performance Facility, as well as working towards a degree in Exercise Science. During this time I was hired as an Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach at Northeastern University as well as worked as a Research Assistant in the Human Performance Lab. After completing my degree in Exercise Science I was hired by EXOS as a Performance Specialist at Google HQ. 

Through this insatiable daily desire to constantly improve as a coach I believe I have developed a style that not only gets results, but allows me to reach athletes and clients on a deeper level than just sets and reps. I strive to connect with my athletes and clients on a personal level showing them their true potential for growth not just physically, but mentally breaking down barriers that for so long blocked them from accomplishing their goals.  

My training philosophy is not only rooted in understanding the anatomical and physiological components of the body, but also the mental component necessary for optimal learning. No two people are built exactly the same, and no two people learn the same way, which is why I focus not only on assessments to prioritize different components of the athletes or clients program, but also examine how they optimally learn motor patterns. This individualized approach of anatomy and physiology coupled with learning theory is what I firmly believe to be the most important aspect of setting up an athlete or client for true long term success. 


B.S Exercise Science Summa Cum Laude University of Massachusetts Boston 


EXOS Performance Specialist at Google HQ November 2016-Present

Northeastern University Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach August 2015-November 2016

Northeastern University Human Performance & Exercise Science Lab Research Assistant May 2016-October 2016

Train Boston Strength & Conditioning Coach Summer 2015

AMP Fitness Boston Intern Summer 2015

Northeastern University Strength & Conditioning Intern Fall 2014

Personal Trainer at Healthworks & Gymit 2013-2015

Certifications and Continuing Education:

National Strength & Conditioning Association- Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

EXOS Certified Performance Specialist  (XPS) 

Precision Nutrition Lvl 1 (Pn1) 

American Council of Exercise- Certified Personal Trainer (ACE) 

Postural Restoration Institute
-Pelvis Restoration Course
-Postural Respiration Course
-Myokinematic Restoration Course
-Cervical Revolution Course
-Fitness & Movement Integration Course

Functional Movement Screen Lvl 1 (FMS)